The Innkeepers
Jerry and Carole are originally from Arkansas and Indiana, but spent most of their lives in San Diego California. Jerry began his adult life using his muscle as a construction worker, then decided to exercise his brain as a mechanical engineer. After career burnout, he resolved to take a break from it all and become a long haul trucker. Carole had worked since high school as a hairdresser, and when her career burnout coincided with Jerry's, she decided to join him on the "big rig".

They traveled about a year and saw more than half of the US. Somewhere along the way they realized that there were a lot of places with fewer people, more water, and less stress than Southern California. They began using the truck business to find a new home. Carole had always wanted to remodel and live in an old historic home, and doing a Bed and Breakfast offered the perfect opportunity. Texas was not at the top of their list of choices but when they stumbled upon the beautiful town of Tyler it was love at first sight. After a whirlwind search they found themselves owners of what was to become the Chilton Grand.

The truck was sold and they settled in to their new home. They decided early on that they wanted to do all the remodeling themselves, but as Jerry had to work full time to fund the project, progress was slow. Now Jerry has taken a sabbatical, and is working on the house full time while Carole and 2 friends have formed "IMAGINE THAT", a faux painting and decorating business. Although there is much work ahead, what they have accomplished is a beautiful and fully functioning Bed and Breakfast.

Since relocating, they have had more than 7 family members and even 2 neighbors follow them from San Diego to Tyler.


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